AOL webmail is one of the most prominent email services which is available in the world. They are highly efficient due to the services that they provide to the users. Email services are one of the most sought after services. This is a service which is required by each and every individual. In such an environment where you the competition is neck to neck it is essential that you are highly skilled to survive. It is an easy process to create an account on AOL email. If you already have an existing AOL email account which you would like to set up on your new computer, you can simply follow the instructions that have been given in the blog. If you feel lost at any point of time you can easily connect with the AOL Email Customer Service Number where you would be provided with all the information that is required by you to overcome the issue that you are facing.

The process to setup AOL email account on a new computer

  • Switch on the system on which you want to set up the AOL email.
  • Then you would have to place the AOL email setup CD in the CD drive of your system.
  • Now you would have to run the CD which would initiate the setup of the AOL Email software.
  • The setup would automatically start and if it does not, then you would have to manually initiate the process by double clicking on the CD drive folder.
  • Now you would have to click on .exe file and then choose the option of ‘Adding your existing account to your system.
  • After you have completed the above-given steps, you would have to click on the option ‘Next’.
  • Now you would have to wait for the software to be completely installed, after which would receive a prompt to enter your AOL email credentials.
  • Once the installation process is complete you can then remove the Setup CD from your system.

When you have completed the process that has been given above, you would be able to effectively set up your existing AOL account on a new system. This would enable you to access all the work that you had been previously doing in your existing account and you would not face the need to go through the complete process of creating a new account. If you face any issue in following this issue, you can promptly connect with the AOL Email Technical Support, which is available throughout the day and is completely free of any charge.


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