It's time for summer vacations and Delhi teenagers have found a new hobby to keep themselves busy during the long afternoons – plastic surgery! Rather than attending dramatics classes or concentrating on their elocution lessons, they are visiting surgeons to fix a flat nose or remove that extra flab from tummy.

Plastic surgeons in the city say that this is the peak time for nip and tuck jobs as schools and colleges are closing for vacations and students have enough time on their hands. Also, those who have finished their college and will be starting their careers also want to be doubly sure that their appearance is just right.

And it is not just girls who are showing a keen interest in getting under the knife. "One out of every four surgeries that I do is on a young man. This is very high number if you compare it with western countries," says Dr Ajaya Kashyap, head of cosmetic surgery, Fortis Hospital

And what kind of surgeries are they going in for? "Liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nose jobs and fat dissolving are regular requests. Many young girls are also undergoing hymenoplasty," reveals Dr Kashyap. Read more...

But there are unrealistic expectations too. "Most kids want to have the face of a celebrity, which is not possible. They come with a photograph and want to look the same, others suffer from body image disorder," adds Dr Kashyap.

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