What sort of life of hell is this on earth馃檮馃槴馃槬

What type of people has God affiliated me with????馃槶


# i toasted you in private. You say public. I went public you say no emotional feelings. I provided proofs that there are strong emotional feelings lurking within that you are not aware of give me room to activate it you refused. Give me hotel room number you said no. I am interested in you “you say i have babe she cook you eat and you know her. Are you the owner of the her that cooked????馃槨

now I toasted you here you are now referring me back to the road it all started from. Same road i have been walking through to come to you and see you.  No problem! Now i have decided to render my relationship proposal as a service still you have an issue with it. What is the problem??   Do you even know what it take to offer emotional feelings as a service? It means if i fail to render the services well you can make complains and call customer service number which is the court that effected the emotional establishment of our marriage.


If i fail to render the services you can ask for a refund!


If i fail to render the services you can complain to consumers satisfaction monitoring boards and they can sanction me for life. If i take you money and fail to render the services that becomes a fraud case and i can go to jail. Madam excuse me.... what exactly is your problem????? Are you sure you really know what you want? You just may need to go back to your drawing board or review my offers and pick up any of the favorable bargains pls. I dont like people who give troubles and scatter pre-marital  trade-fares.  What is all this for heaven sake! 馃槱馃槬馃槹馃ザ