At the beginning of the game it is very easy to become attached to a single character and invest all the experience gained on him. However, as the days go by you will discover that many missions will ask you to play specific heroes to receive their rewards. Try to keep at least one character available for each class and evenly distribute the experience points you earn. The progression of the heroes is limited by the skill tree, so sooner or later you will still be forced to wait to unlock the nodes needed to advance further.

In Fortnite Boosting, practically everything can be advanced, and the plans for creating weapons and traps are certainly no less. The level of the project indicates the effectiveness that a certain instrument will have in combat: this is why it is important to invest in the projects that will be mostly used in-game. During the first few hours of play, we recommend investing in firearms because traps are more expensive to create and have less impact on the matches. Also, try to always carry at least one melee weapon: the game never warns you in advance when you're about to run out of ammunition.

At the top of the main menu there is a number that indicates the level of your character's general power and consequently the level of missions that should be addressed. Contrary to what one might think, however, this level does not depend on the heroes you will use in battle or on their level, but on the quality of the survivors you will assign to the teams in the special section. The higher the level of survivors, and the synergy between their personalities, the greater the player's overall strength level: make sure you assign the right survivors to the right role based on their specialties.

Another important element to develop in order to progress in the game is the home base: an instance in which the player has absolute control over traps and constructions that will have to be gradually improved to face waves of increasingly numerous and aggressive monsters. In our opinion this is the best place to invest the most valuable traps offered by the game, also because it will not always be possible to find players that will help you in the defense of your base. Keep the stronger traps you find in the levels aside and return home from time to time to place them at strategic points in your base (usually the perimeter of the stations is the best place).

Almost all elements of the game can be destroyed in exchange for experience points or random projects, but duplicates also have another very useful function: they can be consumed to level up the album in the main menu. Each new grade provides the player with respectable rewards and at the beginning of the game, Buy Fortnite Boost is a great way to get llamas and resources. But be very careful not to waste useful projects: once the assignment is confirmed you will not be able to go back.