There’s so much of creativity and innovation to explore in a pre wedding photoshoot. From trying out different styles of photography to discovering different places, there are a whole lot of ingenious ideas which one can try out. People don’t necessarily have to stick to the cliché locations and poses which will only make their entire photoshoot monotonous. Candid wedding photographers in India take endless efforts to make the photoshoot memorable. Here are few easy theme ideas which you can try for your pre wedding shoot-


1) Nature- Adding the elements of nature is probably the most easy and effective idea for a pre wedding photoshoot. You can choose the location around a garden, a forest, beach, desert or anywhere else where you can find nature. In addition, you don’t have to make extra arrangements at such places.


2) Your common interest- Something which is commonly liked by the bride and the groom. It could be a movie, their favorite hobby or even fictional characters which they adore.


3) Going sporty- For couples who are enthusiastic about sports and fitness, a photoshoot depicting their love for fitness would be an ideal deal. An outdoor shoot with the right sporty elements is a fine idea for a photoshoot.


4) Exploring the architectural wonders- The best thing about a photoshoot at an architectural site is the photographer can create various artistic perspectives with their camera. Clicking pictures from a totally different point of view at an architectural location will make your photoshoot exceptionally innovative.


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