How to scientifically and reasonably collect and dispose of garbage and avoid pollution to the environment is a problem that has been difficult to solve for a long time. The collection of garbage is the first problem to be solved. Waste bins that from the professional Plastic Waste Bin Manufacturer - Taizhou Bright are the most important tool in garbage collection and play an important role in garbage collection and cannot be ignored. Nowadays, all kinds of public garbage bins are inconspicuous and indispensable. The design of the shape, the choice of size, the use of materials, the distance of placement and many other factors directly affect the efficiency of garbage collection. It also affects the environment in which we live. Therefore, in order to better recycle and dispose of garbage. Now, I’d like to introduce the garbage classification for you.

(1) Recyclable garbage

It mainly includes five categories of waste paper, plastic, glass, metal, and cloth.

Waste paper: mainly includes newspapers, periodicals, books, various wrapping papers, and so on.

Glass: mainly includes various glass bottles, broken glass pieces, mirrors, light bulbs, thermoses, etc.

Metals: mainly including tin cans, beverage cans, etc.

Fabric: mainly includes discarded clothes, tablecloths, face towels, school bags, shoes, etc.

(2)Food garbage

It mainly includes leftovers, bones, vegetable roots, and peels. The bio-technical treatment of compost can produce 0.3 tons of organic fertilizer per ton.

(3) Harmful garbage

Toxic and harmful waste refers to the wastes that are harmful to human health, heavy metals, toxic substances, or actual or potential hazards to the environment, including batteries, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, mercury thermometers, paint buckets, home appliances, expired drugs, expired cosmetics. If the battery is incinerated, there will be many deaths and injuries after the explosion; fluorescent tubes and bulbs and the above-mentioned batteries will have larger radiation; mercury is more dangerous and is toxic.... Therefore, this garbage is generally used for landfill disposal.

(4) Other Garbage

In addition to the above garages, bricks, ceramics, toilet paper, toilet paper, paper are difficult to recycle, which is usually disposed of by incineration or landfill according to the characteristics of the garbage.

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