Windows is the world's popular operating system which is been used by millions of people around the world today. The reason behind its popularity is because of its simplicity in handling it. And today if you ask anyone whether they know/heard about Windows/Linux - 100 out 100 people will say that they have heard about Windows and maybe around 25% -30% people will say that they know/heard about Linux os. And I was amongst that 70 % who never heard of Linux until I start doing research on top popular OS in the world.


Each and every OS has its own advantages and disadvantages but in here let's talk about Windows! In Windows, it runs on the propitiatory source code and for this reason you need to pay the license fee to use it. In Windows it offers almost every technology which is available for Linux along with some additional ones. And today if you are looking to develop your website using Microsoft specific technology then you need to choose Windows hosting. Because in only with Windows solution you get ASP.NET, SQL Server, and other programs which are only meant for Windows.


Why Windows is the best when its comes to Hosting is that - it support to all types of Windows programs where you can also install PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and other open-source platforms on it. Since it supports most of the programming languages and databases availability it has made Windows most versatile platform.


Also today there are a lot of hosting provider who provider best in class Windows hosting solution to their customer. We have listed out top 3 hosting provider who are very good in Windows based hosting solution.


  1. HostingRaja
  2. Microsoft
  3. winhost


1. HostingRaja

HostingRaja is an Indian based web hosting company. At HostingRaja they provide an affordable hosting solution with best in class features. What makes HostingRaja special is that they have got years of experience in the hosting field and they have understood the requirements of customers - That what they are looking forward when it comes to Windows OS and accordingly they fulfill their requirements by providing best Windows Hosting to them.


At HostingRaja they have 4 Windows Hosting plans-


1. Premium Enterprise at a cost of Rs, 642 per month where they provide unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth along with 3GB RAM. And if you are choosing this plan then you can also host an unlimited website with free Plesk panel to handle and manage your website. This plan is best suitable for big enterprise who are looking for more and better resources.

2. Premium Corporate which is best suitable for small corporate businesses as the cost of this solution is at Rs, 599 per month, where they provide unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth and free Plesk panel along with 2GB RAM. Even in this plan user can host unlimited website and they also get free .com or .in domain extension.

3. Next is Unlimited plan at Rs, 359 per month which comes with unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth and free Plesk panel along with 1GB RAM.  Even in this plan user will get free .in domain extension.

4. Their final plan is Gold Plan at Rs, 259 per month where a user will be provided with 120 GB Disk Space along with 1000 GB bandwidth and can host 5 websites. Even in this plan, they provide a free Plesk panel to manage users account along with Free .in domain extension.


These are the features that a user get with HostingRaja Windows hosting:


  1. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  2. Windows Hosting plans come with, PHP, MsSql and MySQL Databases.
  3. Our web hosting plans support CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more.
  4. Custom hosting plans according to the client's requirements.
  5. No Hidden Cost, NO Setup fee & No Extra Payments
  6. FREE Control Panel, Database Manager, Add-on/Parked Domain.
  7. 24/7 Support in multiple local languages.
  8. IIS 7
  9. 2, 3, 4.x
  10. PHP 5
  11. MsSql and MySql


2. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is an American based multinational technology company. They are specialized in development, manufacturing, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. And they are best known for software products like Microsoft Windows which is an operating systems, and the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. They are the one who invented the Windows-based concept. As of now they are only providing Windows on their virtual machines.


At present they have 4 different plans;

1. Burstable VMs—B1S this one of the most economical plan for users where a user has to pay ₹0.26/hour. And they also provide 1 vCPU and 1 GB of RAM. This is one of the low cost solution for any sort of minimal workload where there will be less usage of CPU.

2. Compute Optimised—Fsv2 at ₹2.03/hour where a user will get 2 vCPU and 4GB of RAM. Their Fsv2 is one of the latest optimized VM which uses the Intel Skylake processor and thus give the users the latest Intel CPU with better raw compute power.

3. General purpose—Dv3 plan start @ ₹2.44/hour with 2 vCPU and with 8GB of RAM. Their Dv3 is a latest generation of software will is their all purpose VMs. This plan is best suitable for those where they have medium workloads.

4. Memory optimised—Ev3 @ ₹3.18/hour with 2 vCPU and with 16 GB of RAM. Software Ev3 which they use in this plan is their latest generation optimized VM. This plan is really useful for relational database servers, caches, and in-memory analytics.


3. Winhost

Winhost is basically an American based web hosting provider who only provide Windows-based hosting solution to their customer. And there are also specialized in ASP.NET hosting solution. One of the best thing about Winhost is that all their server are located on top tier data center which are also highly secured with the latest security features. At Winhost utilizes stable Microsoft technologies like Windows 2016 and Windows 2012, IIS 10.X and IIS 8.x, SQL 2016, 2014 and 2012, ASP.NET 4.7 and ASP.NET Core, and ASP.NET MVC.


At Winhost they have 3 Different plans

1. Basic Plan @ $3.95/month which comes with 3GB disk space and 50GB monthly bandwidth. And the user and host unlimited domains and subdomains.

2. Max Plan @ $7.95/month which comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. And the user and host unlimited domains and subdomains.

3. Ultimate Plan @ $15.95/month which comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. And the user and host unlimited domains and subdomains.


So above are the top 3 hosting providers who are the best when it comes to Windows hosting. All these hosting providers have their own advantages and limitations. All you need to do is choose the right and best Windows hosting plan based on your requirements.