For those unfamiliar with computing terminology, a firewall is a network security system check the network traffic on a device using a set of predefined rules. In simple terms, the firewall will basically act as a barrier between the computer and the internet and sort of filter what passes through. The firewall feature is only available with Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier. If you do not have these plans and you want to know more about them you can contact Avast Tech Support number and speak to a trained customer service rep.

In order to protect your system, the Avast Firewall Security creates new rules every time you run an application or process for the first time. The rules determine how the firewall will react every time that process or application connects to the internet. Most often the Avast Firewall Security will come up with its own rules to protect your computer. However, more advanced users will be able to create and manage new rules so that they have more control over how the firewall works. This article will guide and help you configure Avast Firewall Security so that you can better protect your device.

Create a new application rule for the Firewall

Once you install Avast Premier or Avast Internet Security, the firewall will have certain default rules that are created automatically if the program or application is from a known and trusted source. These rules are divided into groups based on the application vendor. You can follow the steps given below to add a new application to a group:

  • Open Avast, go to the ‘Protection’ option and select ‘Firewall’.
  • Go to ‘Application’ settings, select ‘New application rule’
  • Choose the group (vendor) where you want to add the app.
  • Browse your system and select the executable file of the app.
  • Select the group name and the level of access you want to allow.
  • If you want to create a new group just select the ‘New Group’ option and type in the name you want to give that group.

Adjust access restrictions

You can also use the steps mentioned below to modify allowances for applications so that you can control how the Firewall scans network communications.

Go to the Application column and select a group

Use the orange bars to fix the authorization level for an application:

  • One bar: Outgoing with Friends networks only
  • Two bars: Both, outgoing and incoming with Friends networks only.
  • Three bars: Outgoing connections to the internet network.
  • Four bars: Incoming connections with Friends networks and outgoing connections to the internet.
  • Five bars: All connections to the internet.
  • If you want to block all connections you can just click the block symbol that appears when you hover your cursor above the orange bars.

The firewall is essential to keeping you system safe and as far as possible you should make sure it is active at all times. If you have any other questions related to Avast Firewall Security you can call the Avast Customer Service and ask for additional help.


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