If the man (or your wife…..everything is possible). Is snoring and you are afraid that you wake up the whole building block and they will start complaining about it ……then follow these small, easy and absolutely tricks……to fight it!

No.1 trick: Take a hot shower before going to bed

The hot water and the vapors will unblock the nasal tracts and they fight the annoying snoring!


No.2: Clean your nose with salted water!

Salted water also helps on the nose unblocking and better breathing effectively


No.3 trick: Drink plenty of water!

Dehydration dries out both the nose and your mouth, resulting to an increase of snoring!


No.4 trick: Cleanliness comes first!

Dust is an important reason for developing allergies and boosting snoring!

Clean the bedroom well (not only everything visible) and you’ll see a dramatic difference!


No.5 trick: Avoid alcohol!

As it has been shown, the alcohol might make you feel relaxed but it worsens snoring! read more here