Agriculture equipment is farm machinery that is used on farm to help with a farming. It is a machine that is drawn behind and driven by a tractor. The main objective of agriculture equipment is to increase the production and productivity of the crops through farm mechnization. 

There are various agricultural implements used for farming activities. The most important agricultural implements include irrigation machinery, soil cultivation implements, planting machines, and harvesting implements.

Types of Farm Equipments and their Uses:  

Framing vehicles consist of tractors, combine harvesters and ATV and UTV, and tractor attachments consist of ploughs, harrows, loaders, rotavators, cultivators, plough, harrow, box blade, tractor trailer, tractor seeder and other. 

Tractor Loader:

The Loader is a tractor attachment designed for heavy-duty use in agriculture, construction, and a variety of industrial segments. A tractor loader is an agricultural tool used to collect unwanted material such as sand, dirt, and gravel from the ground and transport it to another location without spreading it on the ground.


It is a frame equipment used to plough the farm with a series of blades that cut, pulverise, mix, and level the soil. There are two types of tractor rotavators: 'C' or 'L' shaped tillage blades and crank type rotavator. Rotavators range in price from 22,000 to 1.25 Lac.


It is a farming tool used to break up and smooth out the surface of the soil. Tractor Harrows are used to turn the soil, loosen it, remove weeds, and cover seeds.

Box Blade: 

The box blade is an agriculture implement that is used on tractors for smoothing and contouring land, levelling ground, ripping dirt, repairing or maintaining gravel driveways, moving dirt, or digging a ditch. 


Tractor seeders are primarily used for sowing and planting. It is a seed drill machine that does not store seeds in hills or check rows.

Why agriculture equipments are important? 

  • Agriculture farming is an industry that relies heavily on labour to produce its goods or services. As a result, tools and machines are required to carry out the agricultural process.
  • By choosing the right farm machinery, farmers can reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and grow more crops with less effort.
  • Agriculture tools helps in increasing crop production and productivity through farm mechanisation.
  • Agriculture machinery helps in make farming easier and more efficient.

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