Justin Herbert 78 to 85

There are few rookie seasons madden coins as good like Justin Herbert's. In fact, in certain aspects, there are none. His 31 touchdowns on the year smashed the record set previously by Baker Mayfield, and his 4336 passing yards fell just 38 yards less than the record set by Andrew Luck. Though Herbert most likely would have broken this record even if Tyrod Taylor hadn't begun the season.

His colossal effort was somewhat eclipsed by the San Diego Chargers' losing record. Still, Madden nfl 23 rates players on their individual ability and it's difficult to say that Herbert isn't worthy of being just below the league's best quarterbacks after an impressive first season. For comparison purposes, Mayfield, who achieved similar success as a rookie, entered next year's contest at the age of 83.

Justin Jefferson 86 to 90

Like Herbert, Jefferson had an extremely impressive debut in his rookie year. He broke an almost two decades-old receiving yard record set by Anquan Boldin. He also earned him the title of the fourth-best player in the league. Unfortunately, much like Herbert, Jefferson's efforts were degraded through his team's Minnesota Vikings' losing record However, the truth lies in the figures.

The 2021 Vikings were a formidable buy Madden 22 coins offensive force and scored the third-highest number of points in team history. On the flip side they also conceded third-most points in their history as a team. So, their losing record was mostly due to an imbalance in their offensive and defensive performance. It's a long and convoluted way to say that Jefferson is not the sole culprit for their record, and that his outrageous stats could possibly push him into the sought-after 90 rating bracket.Madden NFL 23 hasn't been revealed yet.Madden 23 nfl on PS5.