Yeah, it's me, Mike. Everything NBA 2K22 MT in 2K22 other than actual game actions only distracts you from what 2K22 excels at. Since I don't like playing around in The City at all, I'd go as far to suggest that I would be happy splitting the modes completely. This is probably not an intelligent business choice, but it's unlikely to happen.

I'd would like to see something similar to the model of a MyCoach mode. Let me become the head coach of the team at high school to move up through college into the NBA In a 2K take on Football Manager.

We had a huge list of features that we wanted to tackle this year: more brisk gameplay that is more responsive and precise moves, more skill-based offense, and big adjustments to the player builder. We took a big step to ensure that we're offering the same top-quality gameplay upgrades for the PS5 and PlayStation 4. PS5 and PS4, so no matter the version you're running this year, you'll be able to get a brand-new experience.

The goal for defense was to give gamers the tools to be able to change the outcome of the game both on the floor and around the rim. If you were a good perimeter defender, who was able to anticipate we wanted you be able clamp the dribbler and get an attack. In the case of rim protection we wanted to allow you to knock off weak shots at will.

The blocking and shot contests Cheap MT 2K22 were completely rebuilt, which led to new snatch blocks and volleyball spikes which have never ever happened prior to. The shot competition rewrite has eliminated the "ghost contests" that were a source of complaint for many in the past, and this year getting off-balance or not getting your hands on the shooter's back can result in some easy buckets for the offensive. However shooting with a proper crowding strategy and excellent contests will lead to numerous airballs and bricks which is exactly what they are supposed to.