First off, there's a calendar of Lost Ark Gold daily newspapers  in the game that can be played. There's a lot to choose from which is why you should pick the activities you'd like to take part in... for example, the ability to go across a variety of islands that have unique challenge and reward. As you explore the islands you'll earn tokens which can be exchanged for rewards.

Other final game-related activities you can tackle are World Bosses or Chaos Gates (each come with a limit of times you can earn rewards every day) and Guardian Raids are essentially you hunting down and killing a giant monster like in Monster Hunter, the Tower in which you traverse a variety of levels of increasing difficulty in a dungeon, the Cube is a timed-based challenge, Boss Rush pits you against bosses that are tough to beat, and PvP.

It is a Calventus Guardian Raid guide covers boss mechanics, general advice and attack strategies. It is possible to access the Guardian Raid at item level 880.

Calventus is the third Guardian Raid boss you'll encounter in Level 3. It requires an item level of 880 to be able to access it, and must also be defeated all previous Guardian Raids in Lost Ark.

Calventus isn't a difficult Guardian Raid due to the fact that the boss lacks wipe mechanics. However, it is highly mobile and can stack multiple armor debuffs which could be challenging. Here's the complete guide to Calventus.

Calventus does not have wipe Lost Ark Gold for sale mechanics. It is a highly mobile boss that can be difficult to land sustained damage on. This article will provide a breakdown of the attacks and mechanics, along with the two different phases of the battle.