With the help of Nepheli, you'll be able to Elden Ring Runes easily stagger Godrick and put a decisive attack. Make her the focus then strike several striking back and sides while he tries to hit her. Pay attention to the movements of his body because he will switch focus to you in a flash.

With his hand of the dragon on there are just a few other moves worth paying attention to. The most dangerous of them is the dragon breath which has the potential to affect a vast area and is able to hit multiple times. The dragon's mouth is signalled by lifting the dragon's head into the air as its mouth begins to release flames. It is best to move to the left or right to avoid the brunt of the blast. The second is the fiery rock blast that communicates by dragging the dragon's head around his body in an circular motion before blasting the rocks with a fiery blast into the air. Then, you can sprint toward him and let the rocks fly towards your face, or simply leave and heal in the meantime as the rocks go up on the ground.

If you're feeling confident , you can get an Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot and use it before taking down Godrick for raking in some extra Runes. If you can defeat him, you'll get Godrick's Great Rune and the Remembrance of elden ring weapons for sale the Grafted (See our guide for how to duplicate Remembrances).