Amazon Redshift is a cluster of nodes with separate disks, reminiscence and CPU. Redshift distributes optimally throughout all of the nodes primarily based totally at the sort of distribution you pick at the desk. In this article, we are able to find out about amazon redshift distribution kinds

There are 3 distribution kinds to be had withinside the Amazon Redshift; EVEN, KEY and ALL. You can pick any strategies primarily based totally for your requirement and sort of becoming a member of that you're going to carry out at the tables. Amazon redshift course

Redshift EVEN distribution

In this sort of distribution, chief node distributes the statistics to all statistics slices in a round-robin fashion. The even distribution is suitable while you aren't the usage of the desk in any sort of joins. You can pick even distribution in case in case you aren't clean on the usage of KEY or ALL distribution.

Redshift KEY distribution

In Redshift KEY distribution, rows are dispensed in line with the values in a single column. The chief node will area the rows to identical statistics slice. If tables are dispensed at the identical column and while you be part of the ones tables on distribution column then the specified statistics is to be had in identical statistics slice hence making collocated tables. The collocated tables enhance the performance.  Amazon Redshift Training course

Redshift ALL distribution

If you specify the ALL distribution fashion throughout desk advent then chief node distributes the replica of tables each node to be had withinside the cluster. If the desk is small and need make collocated tables then this distribution fashion is optimal.

The desk loading procedure will take longer time when you have the desk dispensed on ALL fashion.

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