Learning how to dunk and when to Nba 2k22 Mt use it is an important capability to have to have in your arsenal, which will allow you to rack up more points and have an edge in the mind of your adversaries. Nothing is more satisfying than drilling on your opponent to get up and running to win the game because of a monster obstruction in their center.

The following guide will help you dunk so you can master all the basic rules, techniques, as well as tips for finishing with confidence during NBA 2K22. There are two methods to dunk NBA 2K22: either pressing the shoot button or moving the right stick toward the rim, each while holding your sprint trigger.

Based on the console you play with, holding down either the square key for PS5 or X button for Xbox users , while holding the RT trigger or the R2 button or trigger, respectively, will let your player take an e-dunk. You can also use the right stick to the hoop while pressing the R2 or RT trigger to go for a dunk in case you want to use that option.

The dunk gauge in NBA 2K22 2k22 mt buy has been a recent feature that is a new addition to the game. It is similar to the shot counter in that it is necessary to determine the timing of your layup or dunk in the green box of the player. Timing is essential for Dunks in NBA 2K22 due to the fact that all finishes must be completed using the shot meter, regardless of layup, dunk or alley-oop.