Now, open your MyCareer. Particularly NBA 2K22 MT Buy for a new profile, which has been through all the basic tutorials, and head to Brickley's Gym it's located on your City map. Go inside the gym, and begin your first game by talking directly to an NPC inside. After your badge progress is completed at the end of the game, stop in the middle of your game.

Log back in, and instantly speed travel using the appropriate bumper. If the glitch was done right, the game continues to behave as though you never played the game. However, you'll still have the badges and VC you earned from the previous win. So, just keep playing the first time, keep winning and take advantage of the winnings.

Another simple VC technique that's been making waves in the 2K community in the last few hours is an issue with the current generation courts. In particular, this glitch functions only on 10k VC courts, however it can be used on any court in order to earn a smaller reward.

As explained in his video how to buy mt 2k22 by Geminus, the main trick requires a totally empty court and lots of coordination. Have two squads load in . Then, as soon as your player name turns black after everyone is present, wait five seconds , and then have one team of three players leave the court in a group.