70% of male sex doll in the world are produced in China,

Silicone dolls are one of them.

They are even more beautiful than real people,

Long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, and a small face,

It can be sexy and glamorous, but also pure and healed,

It is the way many men dream of lovers.

As long as there is a need,

The image of lover and wife,


So the sex robot,

Is it a sex toy or a human companion?

Can it replace real people emotionally?

Does its existence affect intimacy in reality?

In August of this year, a team came to Dalian, Liaoning, and visited China's No. 1 Silicone Doll Factory.

As soon as I entered the office area, a 3D printer on the left was printing a woman's face.

In the middle, a woman in Hanfu bowed to us and greeted us. When she walked closer, she turned out to be a silicone doll. On the sofa on the right, there are two silicone dolls, one is dressed up as a student, and the other is a white-collar office worker.

We kept walking in. Every room we passed, the office, the financial room, there were silicone dolls sitting or standing interspersed among real people.

Then entered the assembly line production area. The production area is extremely clean, and the uncles and aunts with a northeast accent are working in an orderly manner on the assembly line.

Different male sex doll production compartments

District 1

To manufacture humanoid skeletons, each skeleton is constructed from more than 100 parts.

Male photographer on site: "This is like an auto parts factory, industrialized and sophisticated."

On-site female editor: "This process is carried out in a glass room, like a medical equipment room, it feels a bit cold; it turns from the smallest part to a human skeleton, which is amazing."

Second district

Make the body of the realistic sex dolls, fill it with sponge on the outside of the skeleton, and then coat it with a protective layer.

This step is equivalent to shaping the figure of the doll. Each order is customized according to the user. The factory has done a user survey. The user's ideal doll is 154-162cm in height and 35-36 in foot size. Chest B and C cups are not very big, but A is definitely not good.

On-site male photographer: “The body models are arranged and hung in the air. The workers carefully shape the figure, chest, buttocks, and legs of the doll little by little. The whole scene is full of technological and futuristic sense.”

On-site female editor: "It's really like the poster of the American TV series "Western World". The back is filled first, and then the chest is filled with another side. The chest is customized to different sizes according to each order, and each is a perfect chest shape.

Third district

Make the skin and pour silicone on the outermost layer of big booty sex doll.

This area hangs all naked human bodies on hangers. Each doll has long legs, thin waist, big chest, narrow shoulders, and small face, just like a perfect body shape between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. , Even the blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible at close up.

On-site male photographer: "Sexy! It looks like a Victoria's Secret supermodel standing in front of you one by one."

On-site female editor: "Each doll has a very well-proportioned body shape. Real people can never grow this body shape. Even girls have the desire to touch them. On the other hand, the dolls are hung, and they look like a doll. Corpse, cold."

flat chested sex doll

Fourth District

With a preliminary figure, bathe the doll, polish and wipe the body, put on makeup, nails, and hair-every step is very careful, as if taking care of an unclothed girl.

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After this step is completed, a silicone doll is complete. Finally, split the body parts of the silicone doll and put it into the box, waiting for delivery.

On-site male photographer: "If a man comes here, he will definitely want to bring a doll back. You bring a doll back, and you feel like a winner in life. That day happened to be the Qixi Festival, I hugged the silicone doll from left and right, feeling that I was nothing at all alone."

Live reporter interviews with FJ Doll

On-site female editor: "Each doll is factory-set with French manicure and perfect makeup. They are really exquisite pig girls. You can only believe after seeing them with your own eyes, why there are men who have real affection for them, because here he You can really get a FJ Doll of your own. No matter how the PS and beauty of the Internet celebrities, they can’t compare to these silicone dolls."

This factory produces more than 3,000 "beauties" annually, with an average price of 20,000 each. Yang Dongyue, born in the 1980s, is the boss of this listed silicone doll company.

He was the first to make his fortune by being the first batch of Japanese purchasing agents, earning his first pot of gold. In 2009, he happened to see silicone dolls in Akihabara, Japan's electrical street, and became very interested. He bought two mature Japanese silicone dolls for 150,000 RMB, and engaged in research and development behind closed doors. "For more than three years and nearly four years, no product has been produced. It was a headache at the time. The money earned from other industries was invested in the experiment of silicone dolls. There were five or six million."

"In the beginning, I wanted to export to Japan, Europe and the United States. I didn't think about what could be sold in China. Now, we account for half of our exports and half of the domestic market, with IROKEBIJIN Doll sales of about 30 million yuan."

premium sex dolls

To customize a silicone doll, the user must choose from 58 faces, 11 body shapes, and 4 skin tones currently developed by the manufacturer. The details also include the color of the pupils, the presence and absence of hair and the color, the color of the nails, and the color of the face. Makeup and more.

So, who is the orderer of these silicone dolls?

Yang Dongyue felt that “the cost of using a black sex doll to solve sexual desire is too high, and a doll may not be able to be used 100 times.” What his buyers need more is a humanoid partner dedicated to him, whose psychological needs are greater than their physical needs.