Today in the NBA is a place Nba 2k22 Mt where we're all at the court in anticipation to see how many threes Steph Curry scores, or the number of triple doubles Russell Westbrook will amass, it was the sports stars from the past that gave us the basis for the current trends we see today.

GiveMeSport has already profiled the best players in the modern era using NBA2K22. But now it's time to dive into the game's GOATs A.K.A. the best of all time. The 10 most highly-rated basketball players NBA 2K22 has ever seen and a little to explain why they are so distinct, based upon the game's statistics and ratings.

The first in the top 10 list is the legend that is Shaquille O'Neal. Four-time NBA champion was one of the best players during his peak time in the early noughties. He was the NBA Finals MVP three times between 2000 and 2002.

"Shaq attack" was the name of a Paint Beast in the 7'1 range, and would soon become a household name in his time with Miami Heat and LA Lakers. His Inside Scoring is some among the top that in the NBA has ever seen . It includes the 98 Layup as well as the 98 Driving Dunk, and the 98 Handles. The player has 27 Badges with 11 belong to the Hall of Fame level, over a period of from 1992 until 2011.

'Anything is possible!' came the cries of cheap 2k22 mt Kevin Garnett as Boston Celtics have won the 2009 NBA title against LA Lakers. The 'Big Ticket' is a name that has been attributed to him because of his phenomenal basketball skills and athleticism His stats in games reflect his superiority. He scored 97 Standing Dunk, 98 Hustle and 91 in Athleticism as a whole.