The Indian government has banned the emigration of women under 30 as domestic help to several countries in order to check the possibility of their sexual exploitation, the Times of India reported.

The ban will apply to countries for which workers need to obtain emigration clearance from Indian authorities before leaving India, it was reported. These countries include the Gulf nations (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman) Malaysia, Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Iraq, Brunei, Nigeria, Sudan, and Libya.
According to government data, more than 500,000 people leave India for work every year while unofficial estimates put the figure at about a million. Many are women recruited as nurses and maids, usually from India’s southern states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Indian media regularly reports.

NGOs Works for Women

India NGO called Development and Education Program for Daughters & Communities (DEPDC) aims to prevent women and children from being forced into the illegal sex trade or child labor due to outside pressures, lack of education, and limited employment alternatives. The NGO utilizes a mix of strategies to convince parents about the dangers of the illegal sex trade. Information about HIV and AIDS, brothel conditions, legal penalties, and potential dangers are used to support their arguments. In many successful cases, the decision of the child to continue her education overrides the parent's desire for money.

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