Is Your AC Not Cooling? Reasons and Solutions

There is no worse time for your AC than break out in the middle of the summer. In this way, your house can get warm and stuffy which can make your life uncomfortable.

You can avoid this situation by keeping your air conditioner in good condition. Regular maintenance is a must for this purpose. You can service your air conditioner yourself or book AC repair services for better and more effective maintenance.

Most Common Reasons and Their Solutions

Some factors can cause your air conditioner to malfunction. You should eliminate these factors you enjoy the luxury of cool air for a longer time. In this article, you will come to know some common reasons that should be resolved timely.

1.      Unclean Air Filters

If your AC is not fulfilling the purpose you bought it for. There may be something wrong with it. Most probably, these may be air filters that are causing your AC not to function optimally. Because these are loaded with dust and dirt.

When dust and dirt accumulate in these filters, the passage of cool air becomes difficult. And this hindrance let a small quantity of air pass. That is why you do not feel cooling even after hours-long switching on your AC.

This way, dirty air filters not only cause your AC not to provide a suitable quantity of cool air but also make your unit consume more energy. More energy consumption leads to skyrocketing your electricity bills.

Fortunately, this problem carries an easy solution. Clean your AC’s air filters and tada! Your problem is solved. Clean air filters let the cool air pass through easily without any hindrance.

It is easy to clean the air filters if you have some basic skills and equipment. But if you have not, you should not need to worry. Instead, book Ac Repair Services in Karachi for effective and efficient cleaning of filters.

2.      Wrong Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, your AC is blowing hot air instead of cool air making you uncomfortable on a hot summer's day. You may think that it is an internal issue that needs to be inspected.

It may or may not be. First, go and check the setting of the thermostat. If it is set to “ON” mode, you have got the reason and you can fix it too.

This is the reason that your AC blows out cool air but then lukewarm it. And you feel hot air touching your body. You just have to change the setting of the thermostat from “ON” mode to “AUTO” mode and your problem will be solved.

3.      Faulty or Broken Motors

Your air conditioner may face some big issues such as faulty or broken motors. If your outdoor motors are not in optimum condition, your outdoor will not be able to dissipate heat.

When the outdoor system is not working properly, your air conditioner unit may not cool the room. It will not blow cool air and does not keep your room cool.

You need to book AC installation services in Karachi as soon as possible to solve the problem. This is a matter you can not deal with because it requires professional training and skills.

If you try to repair your AC’s motor on your own, you may damage the unit. In this way, it can cost you a hefty amount of money on repairs. You may also get hurt because you may not have the proper equipment and safety tools.

4.      Dirty Outside Unit

Long-term ignorance of cleaning your unit may lead to improper cooling in your house. It may lead to either dirty air filters in the air conditioner unit inside your room or a dirty outdoor unit.

The former problem and its solution have been discussed earlier. In case of the latter issue, you can clean it yourself as soon as possible or you can book AC services.

You may think that why it is too important to clean an outdoor unit? Let me clear its usage and purpose. The air conditioner unit present inside your room absorbs heat from your room and transfers it towards the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit dissipates the heat and turns the hot air into cool air. In this way, you enjoy the luxury of cool air on hot days of summer.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep your outdoor unit clean. You can cover it with something such as plastic sheets or you can build a small metallic hut for it. The clean and dust-free outdoor unit make your air conditioner work optimally.

5.      Decreased Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is a fluid in your air conditioning unit that plays a significant role in the overall cooling process. It absorbs the heat from the surrounding air making your environment cool and comfortable.

But, sometimes, it starts leaking because of the lack of regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit. If it is the case, then your AC will not be cooling. Therefore, maintain your air conditioning unit regularly by finding an expert by typing the keyword, “ AC services near me” in your search engine.

Experts know how to spot the problem and resolve it effectively. Do not delay anymore and get your AC serviced.