Some 6 years later and referred to OSRS gold as the last week, I decided to reinvestigate Runescape to see how it has changed since the time I first played it back in 2007. Additionally, I chose to retrieve my account; it was a simple task, considering I had overwhelming evidence surrounding the first 2 seasons of this account.

After a couple of emails, Jagex decided I was the account's owner. At the time I left my account, it wasn't impressive, it contained several million, a few pieces of barrows armour and the odd weapons and pieces of armour, and generally a stash of junk and quests, as well as intermediate level stats that ranged from the levels of 40 to 90.

When I was adding my email to my account, as well as setting up recovery questions and that JAG guardian thingy, writing new passwords, I was thinking about what my account would look like when I logged into my account. It was nothing, in fact. The same numbers, however with no money in the bank, filled with what I thought would have been gp-sellers.

Well, I couldn't have been more incorrect. I joined an account with incredible quantity of money. approximately half of the skills were above 99 and all of them were higher than 80. I haven't even had access to (my?) bank yet due it having a pin, but the wealth of what the person was wearing stood at 544million. It included a "drygore' weapon, along with other equipment. The account also had a recurring membership (I ended it).

The ranged crystal bow isn't much, but it's not the most ideal weapon for someone with your skills and budget. It's best to at most make a Royal Crossbow. I'm unsure of how to do this as I don't own one but I'm told it's easy (and this is because the Royal Xbow is a tier 80 weapon). If you're like me and cba to make the crossbow , you could always purchase a Zaryte (60Mish) that's an 80-tier weapon, requires no ammo like the Crystal bow and it degrades extremely slowly. The weapons of tier 90 are the Ascension crossbows. They're valued at 255Mish, so to cheap RS gold both you'd have spending more than 500M.