Sex doll creation also has its principles.

No matter how much you add, neither sex dolls for children nor dolls of the same style as celebrities (there was a customer who asked for a million-dollar customization fee to be Johnny Depp's real sex doll, but refused) In the history of sex doll manufacturing, it is an abyss The creation propped up American-style live-action sex dolls in one fell swoop, and survived the era of Orient domination.

The demonized inflatable sex doll: when it meets artificial intelligence

Which silicone sex doll industry is more powerful in Japan or the United States?

It was impossible to say before 2013, but in recent years, American sex dolls, with the power of technology, have a lot of meaning to shake off their opponents.

Abyss creates the most awesome works, hidden in their future laboratory.

Companion silicone sex doll, can talk about love, have body movements and reactions, remember your preferences, and have the top manufacturing skills.

How boring it would be if we made a robot and programmed it to be nice to you, to agree with you, and to have exactly the same results as you wanted.

FIRE Love Doll

Therefore, the future partner sex doll created in the abyss has a variety of natures to choose from, gentle, pungent, and even frigid. Users can set the emotion and character of the teen sex doll according to their own preferences.

You can lower the value of "Interaction Value" and set her to be a pure schoolgirl. Then ask wildly, do you like sex?

The reason why Abyss Creations made the AI ​​sex doll is because her body reached the pinnacle of current craftsmanship 10 years ago. Continue to do it, that is, the difference between "change head" and "mold".

This group of "sex doll makers" never imagined that their painstakingly made sex dolls would eventually become "sex tools".

interracial Skinny Sex Doll

When you look at inflatable Skinny Sex Doll, you can only see their physical needs, but the company, friendship, and feelings behind them, those beautiful things that are no worse than sex, are all ignored.

A lot of people are horrified by the fact that sex dolls are living with real people.

But this is more of a demonization of the inflatable sex doll itself.

FIRE Love Doll

This kind of cross-species feelings is actually the same as in the past, such as treating pets as children and placing feelings on a certain object. If the object goes further, it thinks, it starts to have feelings of its own, isn't this love real?

Inflatable MOZU doll, after decades of "evolution", are the perfect sex toys.

It only has one disadvantage, "snack with inflatable sex doll, only one person is moving".