You can choose, but I personally like Barrows because OSRS GP it's less complicated. Another gold? Really, Barrows is the sole semi-rewarding, mind-numbing activity that provides a fairly guaranteed income. I would recommend it over other stuff. If not, I'd recommend working towards completing as many quests you can.

They are in the desert, aren't they? Requiring a shanty pass? I saw a video that showed players the ability to sell noted items to an npc and also buy them back as items. Do I have something I'm missing? Are there any other suggestions?

Just made the account, took me a while as I was helping a person and earned about 5m from it. I'm going to try and transfer the money through drop trading however I'm not sure whether it will allow me. Since I don't have irl friends that play and I'm willing to try with someone online to help me xfer the funds.

1st I'll do prayer as well as a few small quests. I'm planning to use big bones because they'ren't too expensive and relatively fast xp. If there is a better choice I'd like to know. I'm going to use them on an altar run by guilds that will hopefully be used on a world that is house-based. After some study my stats are likely turn out to...

I'm sorry for having to create a new thread, but it showed me an error each time I attempted to post in the last one! To begin, I had been asked in the prior thread how I came to it. I set up a brand new account, and upon logging onto my account, there was a sign showing up. It was initially when I clicked it , the entire program was shut down, however, after trying it the next day , it was working immediately and allowed me to use it.

I've finally decided that I am enjoying playing Runescape and would like to never switch back to F2P, which is why I'm buying a membership. this is the time I'm in need of some help. I have already decided I'd like to be a ranger and perhaps introduce something new in the near future. Also, answer any questions you can!

I'm beginning with nothing, since my previous account with all of the money in it was opened after the 25k trade limit was put back into place. So what's the best skill to earn tons of money? (preferably members who are willing to try something new) I plan on getting this ability to cheap RS gold 99 and making as much as I can on it before beginning to learn. (please provide the top three choices If possible)