Have you ever wondered why friction novels register better in your mind than your textbook? Why you can go on reading stories for hours on end but fall asleep after reading a single page of factual data? 

The storytelling technique of Email Marketing at Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur works on this principle. People's minds connect faster to stories because they contain an emotional value. When you read a story, you can feel the writer's words scrapping on your mind. You can feel the pain, joy, or sorrow those words want to convey to you. 

On the other hand, when people come across a lengthy article full of facts and statical information, they hardly invest the time to read it thoroughly. A few glances at the numbers, a rough go through the headlines, and that's it. This is why your Digital Marketing Strategy must include a storytelling form of  Email Marketing

Storytelling is a way to communicate and engage with the audience by projecting strong emotions and sharing information in story form. 

The Idea of Storytelling in Digital Marketing.

Almost every time we enter a new website, even if it is just out of curiosity, after a few minutes of scrolling, the 'Subscribe to our newsletter' or ' Sign up and get new customer discount' layout pops up on our screen. Out of ten, eight viewers end up giving in their email address to that brand. And this happens regularly. 

Our email inbox is full of such newsletters. Half of them are never even opened. 

The audience turns a blind eye to most commercial ads. They have developed a screen that filters out any branded content they look at until they are deeply interested in it. 

The storytelling technique of Pay per click (PPC) is something they have not yet seen. When you give them something new that is different from traditional ads but still conveys your brand presence, consumers are sure to give it a look. 

Techniques for Storytelling in Email Marketing. 

The storytelling form of Content Marketing is a method that can easily be molded into any type of campaign. You only need to take care of certain points during the formation of the storyline. 

Your story needs a hero; a back story following the hero; the journey of your hero; last but not least a gift or surprise for the reader towards the end. 

The storytelling Digital marketing campaign is beneficial when practiced with existing subscribers. Never share a newsletter in this form to a cold lead because that will just annoy them. 

You can send the storytelling newsletter to a new subscriber telling them your brand story and giving a brief idea of your products and services. Using a brand mascot or creating a comic for your brand is also a great way of engaging with potential consumers without throwing them off. 

Promotions using the storytelling method of Email marketing can convert leads more efficiently. A Deepawali promotion with a story giving a message from the Ramayana will be liked and appreciated by potential consumers. 

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