I'm curious what Diablo 2 players are up to these days. The patch for version 2 is available, and today's video will be a brief one that introduces a few different configuration options. Thanks for joining us.



Truly skilled mercenaries continue to be preferred, followed by rogues, barbarians, and finally mercenary actors. Things could change if and when this video is made public. According to my observations, a large number of people are either opposed to or in favor of increasing the amount of ore mined. Some people believe it is detrimental to the overall vibe, nature, or realm, whereas others believe it is beneficial and should be encouraged.

Consequently, there's a slight chance that you'll be able to employ Mist in place of a small mercenary, though many people believe you should instead use Reaper's Cost, which is true for the majority of melee characters as well. The same can be said for the vast majority of melee characters, but this is an exceptional circumstance. In this setup, you'll be dealing with a lot of aerial Diablo 2 resurrected runes for sale, which is why the new skill frozen arrow was introduced. It freezes for two seconds while also having 100 penetration, which means you'll be dealing with a lot of monster attacks. As an aura with increased damage, it also has a 20 percent chance of not being interrupted, which may be beneficial.

Although I've paired it with this hero and edited it to look like a flickering flame, the reason I'm using it instead of something like Nightwing or something similar is that I'm planning on adding some magic to this mercenary, which is why I'm using it instead of something like Nightwing or something comparable. After that, I enchant her with betrayal, which allows her to attack at a faster rate than previously. With freezing arrow crowd control, she currently deals 500 to 2k damage. If I enchant her, her damage increases to almost 4k, and she deals even more damage.

Since it is a full tile wizard setup, there are numerous extra skills, and because I am a powerful hydra, I invested 200 points in order to demonstrate my magical abilities to others.