The Berserker is quite clearly like the classic warrior in any MMO. He has a huge weapon that he uses to Lost Ark Boosting take on numerous enemies. When he fights the Berserker will fill the rage of his opponent to transform into...Berserker. As such, he is formidable against numerous enemies, however, it is also quite effective when it comes to PvP. This is a fairly simple class to play, and has quite slow animations and lengthy cooldowns when trying to bursting at a target.

The Paladin

The Paladin is a half-DPS support class in Lost Ark. Although this class can take good damage in the beginning and mid game but it is a great choice for its support role during high-level activities. Truth be told, DPS Paladins are extremely weak in the later game. He utilizes his abilities to protect his fellow players and also give them various damage and survivability bonuses. Its high DPS allows it to level up quite easily, and it's a relatively easy to play as a class.

The Gunslinger

The Lancer Gun is one of if not the best tank of all time in Lost Ark. It's able to absorb damage from the most difficult enemies with ease as well as delivering quite solid burst damage. This is a distinct mode of play for those who like being at the forefront. He has a very low mobility and his capability to move is, very rarely in Lost Ark, a backward leap. However it's relatively easy to play and is the best tank on the field.

The Martialists

The Essentialist is a class that specializes in CC (crowd-control), his kit has many ways to stop, stun and, more generally, control the masses of adversaries. In battle, he earns Chakras which enable him to unlock Esoteric abilities that deal him the ability to deal a lot of damage. He is also very mobile, which makes an ideal one of best classes in PvP His role is to disrupt healers and his DPS on the enemy team. But, he is not the most skilled defensive stats and is heavily reliant on cheap Lost Ark Gold his passive in order to be successful and is weak in PvE.