You can choose from three Bifrost slots open to Lost Ark Gold all users. There are however two Crystalline Aura Bifrost slots at the bottom of your Bifrost menu when you purchase. But these are not required and only provide you with additional rapid travel points to be used to travel faster in Lost Ark. If you're content with the three basic slots offered to everyone, there's no need to purchase Crystalline Aura for the final two slots.Lost Ark, the massively multiplayer game that is taking Steam by storm it will be receiving a new server region as a way to shorten the login wait times for European players.

The game experienced an explosive launch weekend that saw it become the second most played game every time played on Steam in terms of high concurrent players. With 1.33 million gamers, it narrowly beat the highest numbers of Steam classics Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, but fell quite a bit short of the record 3.3 million registered from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the early part of 2018.

The question is: How many of those million-plus players actually were playing the game? Although Lost Ark seems to have made a flawless debut in the Americas, European servers have been plagued by extremely long login queues. At any point over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of European players were waiting to get access to the game.

(I am able to confirm this from personal experience and have tried to access games in London on a Saturday afternoon, I discovered that most servers had queues that ranged from 8,000 to 13,000 players, and it took me over an hour to connect. Luckily, I had the Triangle Strategy demo to hand.)

Developer Smilegate along with Amazon, which is the publisher of Lost Ark in the West (it is available on South Korea since late 2019) they have made an announcement about the creation of an additional European server region in order to ease the overcrowding. This plan isn't unpopular with Lost Ark Gold for sale the game's unhappy European gamers.