If you want to save money, be patient, as freeplay is still a great game to RuneScape Gold offer. But, you shouldn't play it in case you're looking at your game like a burden because of it. I would just say that the free play isn't as enjoyable/as enjoyable, join.

Then cannon any task that you think is worth your time or for tasks that you don't (or if you're like me and want combat XP) apply piety through the super set and prayers, or whatever other prayers are available (which is the reason you need proselyte/neitiznot legs in the first place for).

A regular slayer helm is Face Mask, Nose Peg, Spiny Helm, and Black Mask like arham said. For a fully Slayer helm, you'll need to include a Focus Sight and an Hexcrest to your Slayer Helm. For the master of the helm, the standard rule for Slayer is to use your best master, however should you desire the fastest points, you could complete 9 tasks with Mazchena (sp? ), the demon guy in Canifis, and then do the 10th mission with the most available master (Sumonaand).

I'll get the berserker's ring in the meantime, along with prayer boosting armor. I can only get the 15% attack and strength bonus prayer, but not any chivalry or piety. Super potions are a recommended option, isn't it? I'm looking to build for strength, so people have been saying d scim, Korassi's, or SS (which I'm not currently able to get). I've got the gloves for RFD, but not yet nez. Is black mask ok until full slayer helm? I'll opt for earmuffs or other head items until then too. Are prossy earmuffs better than fighter torso?

Do I have to be careful if avoid using pots or praying on items with low levels? In the event of an all-combat task do I have to use prayers, pots and cannon? A friend of mine said that I needed 55 crafting to RS3 Gold create the slayer helm regardless of whether I used points to understand how to construct it. Is that true? Could Verac's armor be better than the armor of Verac? It has high defence stats and a great prayer bonus. Cloaks, too, give an extra 3 points for prayer. Should I substitute one for my skillcape?