No one doubts that the Warlock is the best Lost Ark damage dealer in the Stump. But getting them there requires some special strategies.

Lost Ark Warlockess practice collage introductory images and spells
When Lost Ark veterans thought of the amazing numbers against their enemies, the first thing that came to mind was the Sorceress. In the final stages, her incredible power is undeniable. When it comes to killing hordes of enemies as soon as they enter the map, she's the queen.

But what about the journey from level one to level fifty? The Sorceress is a fragile and gentle profession to begin with that can be impregnated to death. Her abilities are limited and she has no party to help her. With a few pointers, the escalation process in Lost Ark can be just as fun as mastering snags.

Use the stun spells, but don't upgrade them.

Reverse Gravity, Blaze, and Lightning Vortex all belong in the system tray. By knocking out her enemies, the Warlock can stun them while charging up her damage burst abilities. There is a temptation to put some points into these skills, but this temptation must be resisted.

Since the goal is to level up quickly, the best points are invested in spells like Blast, Inferno, and Freezing Rain. Increase the damage of burst spells to keep minor stuns and sustained damage as non-horizontal placeholders in between.

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Unlike many professions that require metered abilities to be perpetually charged, the Warlock can refill her abilities quickly. Since Arcane Rift enhances her spells, there's really no reason to increase the cooldown. Let the damage keep growing.

The list of things a level fifty player can do might seem more interesting, but there's a lot of fun with another dosed ability, Blink. This extra mobility can work on cooldown dodges. At lower levels, this makes the warlock immune to almost anything an enemy creature can do.

Always throw something big

There are two things to consider when choosing spells: mana and cooldown. The best burst spells take both into account. Look for something that costs less and has a shorter cooldown. If the ideal rotation is somewhere between Stun and Burst, then the Warlock needs to restore their first skill and be ready to move on after cycling through the other seven skills.

The plan is to always cast something important between stuns and holds. It's good to choose the biggest and worst spells, like Blast, but you should also consider the long cooldowns of the other skills. When all high damage skills go on cooldown or the character is running out of mana, it's time to change the build. Get more cheap Lost Ark gold to begin your lost ark trip.