Trapped In Hell: Murder House Controls: 
Escape Controls:
WASD = move, Mouse = look around
F = interact, hide and use item, G = drop item
T = unhide, C = crouch, Space = jump
Shift = run, Esc = pause
Shooter Controls:
WASD = move, Mouse = look around, Left-click = fire
Right-click = aim, Mouse wheel = change weapons
G = grenades, R = reload, F = interact, pick-up items
Shift = run, C = crouch, X = prone, V = melee
Space = jump, Esc = pause

Quite similar to the poppy playtime horror game, trapped in Hell: Murder House is an engrossing first-person horror game in which you must escape a terrible place alive.

Enter the tense house of this free online game and try your hardest to save your life. You have only five days to escape or you will spend eternity in hell.

Be wary of the Evil Knight who guards this area of hell and will be watching your every move. He will appear out of nowhere and take your life when you least expect it. Look for items that can assist you in opening the door to the exit portal.