Wheel Of Name

Want to play truth & dare but don't have a bottle to spin? Or want to pick a guy out of your squad for the random dare but don't want any partiality. We got you covered. You don't have to rush through your kitchen, this online wheel of name can easily do your job without making you leave your comfort zone. With this easy wheel spinner tool, you can do much more than just random predictions. You can enter the name of all the students of your batch, and pick a random name out of it for the presentation. Or simply spin the wheel to decide who's going to pay for today's dining. The result would be random and there will be no algorithm that anybody can crack in easy minutes. So, you should give this tool a chance for entertainment purposes.

What is the Wheel of Name tool?

It's a tool website that offers a variety of spins-related solutions, for example, you can leave your decision on random spins to let it decide the output for you. Let's take an example to understand it better, suppose you're in a crew of 5 members, and playing truth and dare. It's hard to find a bottle and spin it on the flat surface every time. Instead, enter all your friends' names into this wheel of name tool and spin it. The tool will randomly pick a name and you can begin playing your game. Easy hacks right? You can do much more than that because this wheel spinner tool has a bunch of extra for everyone. You'll get to know the advanced features when you get used to them. For now, let's take a look over some of its highlighted features that you don't want to miss out on.


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