If you’ve chose to ask a mini person in your inner circle to face beside for your wedding day, congratulations! You’ve got your prom dresses — aka JB. She’s someone who’s too old to become a flower girl and too young to become an official bridesmaid — perhaps she’s approximately the ages of 8 and 14 — however, you still want her to feel included whenever you walk on the aisle. Though she probably won’t have a similar duties as her older counterparts, she will still provide lots of support (and cuteness) while you’re addressing stressful wedding tasks.

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Whether she’s your cousin, your sister, or perhaps your daughter, this pint-sized party-goer deserves just as much attention because the rest of the crew. Selecting her dress is really a fun area of the JB process, however, you can’t treat it in the same manner you treat others. There are a few extra-special considerations that needs to be at the forefront of the mind, including:

1. Her Age: Let Her Dress Be More Youthful — There’s nothing cuter than the usual little one dressed up inside a grown-up gown but don't forget that you want her to appear and feel her age too. Your best bet would be to opt for junior bridesmiad gowns that are specifically made for that juniors. These gowns are equipped for girls and tweens, so that they won’t cause unnecessary fit issues or feel inappropriate on her age.

2. The Cost: Her Parents Will Probably Pay — More than likely, your JB won’t be spending the dough for that gown, so you have to think about who will be. If her parents will also be a area of the wedding or have other tasks and charges associated with your personal day, try to keep your dress selection relatively reasonable. Be sure to contact her parents through the dress-selection process.

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3. The Length: Consider Her Shoes — Unlike your older bridesmaids, your JB probably won’t be wearing super high heel shoes. Thus, you need to make sure that her gown is the perfect length to choose bridesmaid flats or low-height heels. This is one more reason it typically makes a lot more sense to choose a junior-specific bridesmaid gown rather than the usual regular dress sized down. The length of the JB’s dress will most likely matter a lot more than that of the adult bridesmaids.

4. Her Comfort Level: Make It ‘Her’ — If you need to ensure that your youngest wedding party member feels completely comfortable while she saunters on the aisle, make sure that she’s wearing a gown that speaks to her fashion sense. Like grown-up bridesmiad gowns, junior bridesmiad gowns should play towards the wearer’s personality as well because the bride’s. To make sure it’s an ideal match, give a few dress options and let your JB pick.

5. The Coordination: Does it Have to Match? — Do you want your junior bridesmaid to perfectly match the remaining crew or would you like hers to become slightly different? It’s completely up to you but realize that you can be creative using the process. Consider dressing your junior inside a patterned dress to coordinate together with your bridesmaids’ solids or put her inside a similar gown having a slightly different cut or color.

6. Her Accessories: Tying it All Together — Just because she’s younger doesn’t mean she shouldn’t obtain the royal treatment using the rest of the girls! Make sure to surprise her with coordinating accessories to choose her gown and invite her to participate on the fun with the girls whenever you’re preparing together. You can make sure she gets included with her own matching bridesmaid robe.

Make It Fun And Memorable

Remember, your junior bridesmaid wants to become like among the big bridesmaids, but she’s still a youngster. As long as you remember that while you’re selecting her dance dresses, she’ll feel right in your own home when walking on the aisle and standing alongside your besties in the altar. Dessy is here now to help you discover the prettiest, most age-appropriate junior bridesmiad gowns around. Explore our complete collection for trendy and adorable looks that will make your personal miniature seem like a crucial part of the big day.