It is a hunt for Ruby Harvest butterflies using a butterfly net and butterfly jar. To find them just head a few steps south-east where OSRS gold there will be paw icons located on the map. Each when you capture butterflies, you will put them in a jar. After that just click on the container to release your catch. Make sure to bring with you few bird snares to continue catching Copper Longtails as well as a supply of jars in case they might break.

This method doesn't require a wand with a noose. Purchase an axe as well as a knife and head to feldip hunter's area (if you have fairy rings unlocked your code will be AKS). The axe will be cutting down trees and making deadfall traps from logs. The traps can be placed in certain areas near boulders. Similar to the earlier method include a few bird snares and you'll be able also to catch Crimson Swifts flitting around all over the place.

This is a similar method like the last, however you could increase your rates if you own 32 Fletching. A chisel is required to fletch Kebbit spikes into Kebbit bolts. This will not only improve your exp gains as it's much faster than dropping spikes. However, it might net decent profit. It is also possible to bring with the butterfly net as well as butterfly jars and some bird snares.

In the beginning, you'll need to withdraw at least 1 000 gold coin. You can deposit any weapon, gloves and other equipment you are able to put in your hands slot because you'll have your hands free. Visit the Matthias outside Falconer area and rent from him Gyr Falcon for 500 gold.

In this region you will also be able to collect spotted fur that is used to make spotted capes. Bring your bonecrusher along as you can instantly bury bones, reducing your need to pick up objects.

Although to catch this type of Salamander you require only the 59th hunter, it's recommended to begin this strategy at 60. In this phase, you'll have the ability to put four traps at once rapidly increasing your rewards.

To reach this location you will need Lunar Spellbook spell Ourania Teleport (71 Magic) or Castle Wars teleport. After you arrive near Castle Wars head north until you see a lava-filled location. There is buy RS gold a chance to catch Red Salamanders there by putting traps. Bring along 4 fish nets as well as 4 ropes for traps and start the hunt.