In about a month, I'll be able cheap OSRS gold on Frost Dragons (85 Dungeoneering). In about 3 months I'll be able to do the ability to do 99 Dungeoneering (6 chaotics). I was thinking of giving myself two years (maxing out etc.) before joining an Nexing team w/ pro gear, heck, maybe going it alone if you can, or Give myself a year and then get CLOSE or, heck, maybe evenget to max out by playing Frost Dragons and then also have an ely after about one year.

I'm not quite sure what I should do, though, and, really I'm trying to figure out a priority. I'm done playing PvP until Jagex improves the PJ system. So, PvM is how I'm going to play.

I've seen the water damage which, frankly, it doesn't amuse me. The main reason I'm thinking of Elysian. (14 percent soak, -200. E.g. 300 hits would only soak 14 dmg. 14% Soak refers to the "20% soak" which is what it says in KB.

If I've not already said this, once I've got Elysian I'll be dunging to 99 then possibly 120. If you say "BUT I DID NOT SUCCESS 120!" and I've already said, this is a long term target. 1-2 years. I'm just curious about thoughts. I'd like to know why either one, not just the "ELY" as well as a "99 DUNG" comment. Therefore, I'm searching for reasons which are not the exact solution. Sorry if I've confused you Please feel free to comment on anything/PM me about this.

Thank you for your help. I'll replace my toktz-ket xil with a dragon's defender and replacing dharok's body with a guthan's body, as guthan's has the same defense but is cheaper. Yes, I'll be saving for an afury...

Are there any other rs2007 gold suggestions? I'd be glad to consider them. If you're interested in that 77 str-80 str you won't be able to do it by whipping. I suggest a saradomin sword (ss), or if you dont have the cash, a scimmy/d-defender combo. If you can't or won't even begin the monkey maze quest, then I suggest either a brac blade or a d-long when you are really short on funds.