Standoff signs made of acrylic.  Acrylic award plaques are available.  The design itself will have a matte sheen that is prone to scratching due to the nature of the material.  This may be the best option for you if you like contrast and prefer a less reflective design overall.

- In addition, milky acrylic provides even greater privacy than its frosty counterpart.  This characteristic makes it useful as a privacy film, a bathroom partition, or an indoor barrier that can be used to consider your architectural signage, among other applications.

Now that you've learned about the different types and advantages of acrylic business signs, plaque plexiglass's time to weigh your options.

What makes the most sense in terms of your company's objectives? At Signs Now, we put custom plans for building and office signs into action so that you aren't left in the dark when it comes to signage design.




A great deal of this decision will be based on individual preferences and applications. . . . You probably won't need milky acrylic if you're just installing standoff signs, for example, because they aren't typically backlit and don't provide privacy when the sign is up against a wall.  However, you may choose to purchase this type of signage for purely aesthetic reasons if you're installing standoff signs.

Beyond privacy concerns, there is nothing significant that favors frosted acrylic signs over clear acrylic signs in terms of functionality.  While we consider acrylic material to be modern and elegant, we also consider clear acrylic to have a tried-and-true and classic look.