Are you alone in feelings of anxiety and panic when writing an essay fast? We are not talking about writing assignment in 24 hours, but ones that have longer deadlines. There comes a time where you're putting off completing your project because you've convinced yourself that you need additional feedback or because of the Internet and television. You should stop doing this. Alternatively, you can simply stop doing it altogether.

You may have a problem with the way you write assignments. As a result, rather than typing normally when composing phrases and searching for the terminology you intend to employ, you may have to read aloud while doing so. Even though it takes a lot of effort, you've tried teaching yourself to think and write, but you find yourself muttering within minutes without the aural element.

Here are 5 subjects that you should keep an eye on:


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Writing an essay becomes a daunting task as a result of this painful and exhausting experience.


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Writing a 300-word essay can take up to three hours of concentrated concentration, which means that completing an assignment of any length will require several days of concentrated effort. As a result, many students avoid writing an essay because they dislike the anxiety they feel while "saying" one. Even though you've gotten mostly A+ grades with my approach, you may realise that it's exhausting physically and emotionally and has resulted in some serious avoidance, which exacerbates your essay anxiety.