When you want to add The Gmail account on the windows 10 mail or outlook settings. It will ask you to configure the account using the incoming & outgoing servers. apart from that, you also have to activate those servers from the gmail settings. if you don't know more about Gmail server settings. do not worry, here we have the complete guide to configure the gmail account on the phone. you can apply it on your device. 

incoming server setings for gmail- 


port no- 993 or 995. 

Server encryption- yes. 

Outgoing server details-  


Port no- 465. 

Server encryption- Yes. 

How to turn on the Gmail incoming servers- 

1. Open the Gmail account on the computer. 

2. Click on the gmail settings. 

3. Now click on the imap/pop server tab. 

4. Here, you need to activate the imap/pop3 servers. 

Finally, press the ok or yes button. That's it your account will be activated now, you can add the gmail account on the windows 10 mail

How to generate the app password? 

If you want to generate the app password for your gmail account but don't know how to do that. here are the guide for it.

1. first of all, you need to open the gmail account. 

2. Now click on the manage gmail account button. 

3. Here, you need to click on the security option. 

4. Finally, press the generate app password button. 

5. Select the mail application and then click on the generate password button. 

once you will get the new password for your gmail. you need to login your account using that password. it will start working fine for you then.