Common musculoskeletal causes jaw pain especially, in the head, within the ear, the face around the jaw joint, or the bottom part of the jaw bone. Strain in these muscles can be relieved with Stockport osteopathy treatment. It can also assist in increasing the range of motion in the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint), allowing you to open your jaw wider.

Other signs and symptoms of jaw discomfort include:

  • When expanding the jaw, the joint locks or clicks, and chewing causes pain.
  • Facing difficulty while opening mouth
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Toothache
  • Neck ache

There are 5 basic principles of Osteopathy to aid jaw pain:

  1. Movement is the essence of life:

Every biological structure necessitates mobility. Areas with poor movement will develop dysfunctions, which will eventually lead to illnesses. Not only do the structures of the musculoskeletal system require freedom of movement, but so do all organs and fluids.

2. The Artery Law:

Each tissue requires an appropriate supply of nutrients and oxygen, as well as the removal of metabolic waste and CO2. The quality and mobility of the tissue may be harmed if this supply and disposal mechanism is disrupted for an extended period of time. To guarantee optimal body function, osteopathy aims to maintain adequate supply and disposal of all fluid structures.

3. Ability to heal itself:

Our bodies ability to maintain health and re-establish health after the disease is due to their self-healing abilities. This can be illustrated in a variety of ways, such as:

When blood clots to close a wound, a bone heals after a fracture, bacteria is battled in the case of infection, and we become immune after a viral infection.

4. Structure and Purpose:

The body’s structure and function influence each other. Dysfunctions can lead to a reduction in the mobility of the body’s structures. Osteopathy explores how the body’s structures move. This allows for the diagnosis of dysfunctions and subsequent treatment with osteopathic procedures to restore the original range of motion. The body’s self-healing powers are engaged once mobility has been restored, and all functions gets back to normal.

5. Globalization of the human body:

The human body works as a single unit. All of the body’s structures and tissues are mechanical (joints, muscles, etc.) and are linked through the nervous system and fluids. A deviation from normal function and mobility has an impact on the body’s overall functioning. The body’s ability to function as a unit is due to the interaction of its different structures. This is why osteopathy never addresses individual ailments or complaints but rather treats the person as a whole.

Jaw pain can be treated using osteopathy:

The osteopaths practice methods for jaw treatments. This technique is effective for treating jaw discomfort because it involves delicate balancing movements of the bones, muscles, and ligaments. Our osteopaths will examine how your jaw moves, as well as the position and imbalance that may occur between the two bones that make up the jaw joint.

The muscles of the throat that affect your jaw, the vertebra in your neck and upper spine, and the bones in your head and face are all examined and treated by our osteopaths. Because the rest of your body has to compensate all the way up to your mouth, dysfunction in the lower spine, pelvis, and leg length imbalances can all contribute to jaw pain.

If your jaw pain is caused by ongoing orthodontic treatment, osteopathic treatment can help you manage pain and dysfunction as your dental arch evolves.

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