It's not a problem to buy a Segway now, but how to choose from whom exactly? In this matter, hoverboards, it is necessary to be guided by the same criteria as when choosing a car dealer. If you decide to buy an electric scooter Segway in our company, then we will give arguments confirming the correctness of this choice. Our Segway cost is one of the lowest in Moscow with a manufacturer's warranty. And this is despite the fact that the price for Segway is combined with the provided full warranty and service package.

In addition, we repair Segways (the price depends on the complexity) using only original spare parts and in the shortest possible time.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that having bought a Segway without a guarantee, you can waste a lot of time and money on its repair, here is a list of prices for its spare parts. You can buy Segway from us by choosing from several models and modifications –I2, X2, X2Golf (see below). And for each Segway model, the price is one of the lowest in the capital. Segway-Service Company - Segway at low cost and high service.

Segway description

The Segway is a virtually silent electric vehicle equipped with a self-balancing system. Due to its compact size, the Segway can be used to move around a shopping center, warehouse, large office, city sidewalks, forest and park paths, etc. The device is resistant to moisture, does not pollute the air.

Controlling the Segway is very simple: gyroscopes and special sensors estimate the location of the user's center of gravity, so in order to set the direction of movement, it is enough to deviate in the desired direction. By the way, hoverboard and kart, a similar technology that the Segway electric scooter uses was developed for military purposes. This is how the newest American B-1 Stealth bomber flies - the computer evaluates the position of the aircraft and issues the necessary control commands. Without it, B-1 would have collapsed instantly, as it is completely unstable.

The Segway comes with two Infokey start keys. They are programmed for different user training and for different speed modes, which makes it possible for all family members to use the Segway. If the key has been lost, you can order a duplicate from us.

The movement of the scooter is carried out thanks to the batteries. They are charged from a network with a voltage of 110 to 240 V and a frequency of 50-60 Hz, as well as from a car or boat. And, of course, the Segway electric scooter can be recharged overnight, as we do with a mobile phone. If the batteries are completely discharged while driving, the scooter will smoothly decelerate and stop.

Considering its high performance, comfort, and safety of riding, as well as the fact that the price for a Segway electric scooter is quite affordable, we can expect that such devices will soon enter our lives in large quantities.

In the meantime, it has not become one but is exotic, and since we repeat, the price for a segway electric scooter is affordable, it can be used as an attraction.

All Segway parts are made of wear-resistant materials, segway for sale, which greatly increases the life of the device.

It is recommended to clean the scooter only with water and soap, the use of polishes has a negative effect. And it is forbidden to wash with pressure washers such as Karcher.