For all couples who plan to get married in the next two years, the art of celebration now offers planner services and their wedding designers who are experienced in Chennai. Wedding planner is a one-team solution for all your wedding planning, guest management. Top event management companies in bangalore


Our wedding planners are experienced in arranging weddings for various cultures and different sizes. Our planners have arranged many pre-wedding events in various locations, food and drinks for these events from different vendors. Chennai is a proud multicultural city. We have arranged marriage for couples who have different ethnic, religious and orientation orientation. We provide our services for everyone.


Our expert wedding planners & designers:
Our expert wedding planners in Chennai will handle all wedding logistics on your behalf, without consisting of your request for your wedding. This is your marriage and it will be as you always dream - a spectacular and unforgettable event. During our initial meeting, we will ask about their plans and dreams for their marriage. We will ask about their choice of location, choice of food, drinks, number of guests and events (before and after) wedding receptions. We show our clients various choices of linen, flower settings and liked vendorists. These vendors and catering offer the highest quality and food service at selected prices for all client art celebrations. Our wedding planner has saved only on a crooked crooked cake, wrong bouquets of the place and really handle drunk guests. Wedding planners from celebration art will never compromise with integrity and marriage soul. Our rating and reviews with our satisfied clients previously showed our dedication to premium services and attention to detail. Best event management companies in bangalore


Art celebration is a full service wedding company. Along with the prepared and well-equipped wedding planner, we also offer exclusive service designer services. This designer is trained to make your wedding #insta and "PIN" feasible. Our latest designers with all the latest wedding trends, celebrity weddings, and the latest colors. Our wedding services are available along with our wedding planning services and also independently. Our clients enjoy significant savings bundles when they choose to use several wedding services offered by celebration art in Chennai.


Our wedding designers can change any place according to the choice of decoration and color of your spectacle. We will coordinate colors, flowers, middle pieces with wedding themes and colors. Wedding designers will make and transfer gift items for guests, middle pieces, flower decorations to any place in and about Chennai. This decoration will be first approved by the pair and then the appropriate order will be placed with a vendor. This order will be sent and displayed in the venue before the guest arrives. Our wedding designers have extensive experience to install photo booths, red carpets along with flowers and decoration light for couples and wedding entrances. We also arrange audio and video equipment according to your partner's request. Best event management company in bangalore

We catalog all decorations on our celebrities and wedding clients. These photos and HD videos help our future clients understand our services and commitment to high quality. Our wedding planners and designers have helped many Chennaina people organize one of the most memorable events in their lives.


Art celebrations have perfect records in providing optimal wedding planning services for couples from all backgrounds and cultures. We have learned a lot about marriage in different cultures from our clients. We bring this diverse experience, high quality services to help you plan and execute marriage with all the great and fun memories for life! Best event planners in bangalore