If you have been running operations in the UAE, you might have noticed that all industrial processes produce waste. The amount of waste produced here according to a recent study in 2019 took the total to almost 5 Million tons of waste. Even though most of the waste is reusable and recyclable, it still gets dumped out in landfills causing problems not only for the community but for the whole world. I am sure everyone of you reading this blog is aware of the harmful effects of improper waste management so I will not get into that. Instead, I will tell you about some of the key benefits of Waste Management Solutions:

  • Saving Environmental Resources: Here are some interesting stats for you. Recycling just one ton of steel can give you the same result and materials as mining 1400 pounds of coal and 2500 pounds of iron ore. Scrap metal recycling also reduces energy consumption of producing new metal products by 60-70%. Metals such as Aluminum can be reused repeatedly without any significant damage to the material. Not only that but manufacturing new raw materials is a leading cause of greenhouse gases. Manufacturers know how much energy and effort it takes into making new raw materials. So, if the end result is the same with recycling, wouldn’t the better solution be to move towards it? The earth’s natural resources are already depleted as it is and with increasing production due to increasing demand, there is not much time left before they finish for good. Not unless companies move towards Recycling which will effectively reduce the need to use natural resources to make new materials.
  • Increasing the Value of your company: Look at it this way, No one wants to increase pollution in the world. No company wants to be a contributor to destroying the environment and businesses have been trying to align themselves with some sort of environmental initiative for a long time now. Regardless of what the business objective is, every company needs investors, customers, clients and stakeholders. All of which would rather be with a company known for its eco friendliness rather than its waste production. If your company has some sort of zero waste program or recycling solution, then the value of your company will automatically increase and open the door for new business opportunities. If you are interested in knowing about such initiatives, look at this Zero Waste Solution here. Besides certifications and special programs that your company will be eligible for, such a direction can put your company in a positive limelight for a very long time.