These trees can be OSRS GP planted starting at level 27 once you're permitted to plant apples. Similar to regular trees, it is recommended to plant most advanced seeds to increase the amount of exp you gain. at level 27, you will need Apples with a 33 Bananas it will take 39 for Oranges 42 for Curry and 51 for Pineapple and 56 for Papaya, to get 68 for Palm Tree and 81 for Dragonfruit.

Level 72 players can start planting Calquats . This patch is located north in Tai Bwo Wannai on Karamja. The trees grow for more than 21 hours. It's also a nice addition to other methods because it offers 12,5k exp being taken down. Calquat tree seeds are also one of the cheapest, so they shouldn't be a major deal to purchase. These seeds are available at Grand Exchange which is the most effective option.

If you've already reached the 85 level gate , you can plant another unique tree called Celastrus. This patch for trees is in the third tier of the guild of Farmers. Although it does require a lot of seeds, it will not give you the same amount of experience as the Calquat trees. The growth time is about 13 hours. In the end, it provides nice experience boost, but should only be undertaken by those who have spare gold to cultivate and who want to get maximum potential experience throughout the day.

Begin with Varrock there is a an area of old school runescape buy gold trees in the southeast corner of the castle. Connect to Tree Gnome Stronghold by using one of the two rings, Spirit Tree or Slayer Ring and plant what you have. Use Falador Teleport as well as a farm tree patch to get there. Travel to Lumbridge and then to the farm tree patch there and lastly go to Taverley where you can find another. The last tree patch can be found in a guild of farmers, however you will need 45 farming plus 60% Hosidius favour to gain access to it.