If you’re a recycling nay-sayer, then this blog is for you

Around 14 percent of people are either ambivalent about or downright against recycling. The myth they believe is that it is not their responsibility and recycling doesn’t make any difference

Seriously, who even cares?

If you fall into one of these categories, that’s okay. We’re not judging. The fact that you’re here is fine. It means you want us to convince you that recycling is worthwhile. So here is a big reason why you should start recycling.

Good for the economy

Recycling creates employment opportunities. In the U.Sthe employment potential is about 2.39 – 4.05 jobs per 1,000 tonnes of diverted waste. For our Canadian friends, that’s something like 5 job opportunities per 1,000 tonnes of diverted waste.

It also generates revenue. In California alone, a state with robust collection infrastructure, recycling and reuse facilities gross $14.2 billion in annual revenue. Due to recycling, there are efficiency gains in manufacturing. Manufacturing with recycled aluminium cans, for example, takes 95% less energy than going straight to the source.

So, it’s good for the economy, too.

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