The players who have left won't lose their $10,000 VC and Nba 2k22 Mt those who are still in the game can play against very simple AI opponents. It's an enormous amount of work however, with 10,000 VC being a minimum for each thrown game it's possible to make money with small risk.

NBA 2K22 has a plethora of badges that players can use to enhance their MyPlayer builds, however not all of them provide your baller with a worthy boost. We've covered a few of the top badges and MyPlayer builds that you can utilize to gain an advantage over the other players, so we'll now look at some of the most unfavorable choices. Here are the top 10 badges available in NBA 2K22 spread across shooting defense, finishing, and playmaking.

Like every topic related to nba 2k22 mt coins MyPlayer Builds, even if we consider these badges to be among the worst badges available, it doesn't mean that they won't be useful for specific build classes. There are countless ways to create an efficient MyPlayer for NBA 2K22, however, these are the 10 badges we believe won't make the most of any arrangement.