For almost any skill, the best method to RuneScape Gold begin training is working through quests. Since learning from scratch is very monotonous and boring it is more enjoyable to complete quests and generally faster. Two quests will quickly get you from the level of 1 to 32.

To begin, go through Doric's quest, which is a very simple task without any requirements. Once you've completed that, you'll be able complete Digsite which will take some time and require 25 Thieving, 10 Agility , and 10 Herblore. If you are at those levels, at 32, getting there will take just under half an hour.

In the future, if you wish to pursue more quests then you can have a glance at Plague City The Giant Dwarf, Lost Tribe, Between a Rock and Enakhra's Lament, Making Friends with My Arm. During questing you will visit several locations like Al Kharid Mine Fossil Island Mine, Resource Area, Lovakengj Mine, Lumbridge Swamp Mining Site, Piscatoris Mine, Wilderness, Dwarven Mine, Falador, Karamja, Legends Guild, Barbarian Village and more. Make sure to take some potions to boost your stamina for speedy travel.

If you feel that exploring is not your thing and would like to get started with regular methods of mining, you can go towards the Lumbridge Swamp area, where you'll find a significant amount of Copper and Tin veins for lower level players. Mining those at low levels can be quite slow, but you'll only need around 100 of them to reach the level 15. Make sure to keep in mind that when you are doing mining, dropping all your mined ores will allow you to save a lot of time so do that for maximal experience. Mining at lower levels produces only a small amount of money, which is why mining ores is not a good idea - you can make profit using other methods.

Quite surprisingly Iron provides the most enjoyable experience starting at level 15 up to level 75 , and RS 3 Gold the most enjoyable f2p experience. In all training, you should find areas where you can sit between three iron rock to mine them in an arc. This way you will never be able to finish the ore you mine and not move at all.