It's time to reach for the stars in Roof Rails Online. Do you find life on the ground to be monotonous?

Do you want to try new things, visit new places, and take on new challenges? Then you've arrived at the ideal location! This journey will make you gasp for air! Are you ready to create your own sky parkour?

Greetings, thrill-seekers! Have you participated in every exhilarating thing you can think of? Here's a new one that will push you to your limits and put your bravery to the test. 

Don't be concerned about gravity. Gravity cannot harm you as long as you have your wooden stick with you. At each level, your goal is to get to the last platform. The left mouse button can be used to control your character. To slide off of bars, pick up the extra wooden poles shown on the screen. 

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These extra sticks can also aid in the acquisition of more diamonds. Collect all the diamonds and sticks you can while avoiding the obstacles. The wooden poles you've acquired may be taken away by a variety of challenges. As a result, the more you gather, the better! Avoid falling off the platforms by landing safely on them. With the diamonds you earn, you can purchase new skins. Have a good time!