In today's era where work and schedule have become hectic and full of pressure and in all this we all look for some peace and happiness. But work and finance have been the reasons for our stress. We try our level best but often fail. World Famous Astrologer KM Sinha has noticed that stress is a common thing in every age group of people. He helped many people and is the Best Astrologer In Mumbai. According to him, stress has nothing to do with age. If we see a one-year-old kid we all will say that he has no stress but if you take away his toy and he cries for more than 1 minute, it will be stressful for him. Stress is nothing but stretched thought of anything. A healthy life demands a stress-free and happy attitude towards everything. It seems tough but we all can try. 

Now you all must be thinking if there is any particular planet which gives enhancement in the stress level and what are the suggested remedies you can do for getting relief from your problems and lead a content life with whatsoever you have. The planet moon is our heart and this is the planet that decides how happy and satisfied the native will be. Stress is a part of life but if it becomes over the head and the person is suffering then is a topic to be worried about as mental health comes first. You need to consult an astrologer to check if your moon is sitting in the right house or not. Km Sinha is the Best Astrologer Near Me. The placement of the planets has always an important role in astrology. Secondly, we need to check whether any cruel and devil planet is aspecting moon or not. If there is an aspect of Saturn or Rahu or Ketu on the moon or if any one of them is sitting with the moon then it will always give mental stress to the native. He will be confused and mentally ill. Negatively affected moon gives many psychological problems like panic attacks, hallucinations, mood swings, mental stress, emotional dissatisfaction, insomnia etc. 

Now let us know and understand how we can make our conditions better by doing simple yet effective remedies. 

  1. Chant "OM SOM SOMAYE NAMAH" on the rosary of clear quartz 108 times every Monday and full moon. 
  2. Perform Abhishek on shivling with plain water, raw milk and rose water in a row on every Monday and full    moon day while chanting the NAMAH SHIVAAYE mantra. 
  3. Keep a small fish pot in your house and feed them on regular basis. 
  4. Start wearing half silver and a half gold ring on the first finger. 
  5. Keep Aswanganha root wrapped in grey colour cloth. 
  6. Apply tilak of white Sandalwood and saffron on your forehead.
  7. Donate water and milk to needy people.
  8. Give gifts to your mother and take her blessings.
  9. Wear Pearl in silver on your little finger (only after consulting an astrologer).
  10. Observe fast on Monday.