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It is a true story of Delhi Call Girls workers who have been working in Delhi for the last three years. She is Naina and to see most attractive. She is very young and unmarried, she is having shyness nature owing to this a guy fall in love toward her. It is the story of two years ago when she was 22 years around. She had stayed at the five-star hotel in Shahdara Delhi. A guy was looking for a young call girl in Delhi and he had been called to many places in Delhi to meet a call girl, he lived in Rohini which is 30 km distance from Shahdara via the outer ring road.

He wanted to get nearest his place, but what he had been searching as he was not getting at anywhere, suddenly a newer call girls agency in Delhi who established its service in Delhi Shahdara, shared images of their staff to him, that were new collection in this market, he was searching for a long-time, yet he could not find such a selection but that day he found a new selection and determined to meet her.

Naina was from Bhopal who had come to meet her friend in Delhi, she's friend was working as an independent call girl and she came to know about her, she asked lots of questions a day when both of them were drinking together in a room and talked much sensual, she was explaining about her deal with a client which was a most sensual story, to listen to her story she was also feeling sensual, suddenly she's friend received a call from her clients, where two guys were looking for two call girls, she was confused to find another call girl and she also told her.

She was hearing her deal but had no courage to tell about her interest to fulfill the deal, after 10 minutes, she told her that, if she could not find anyone doesn't worry, she is ready to give a company for that night, she was shocked and told to her clients about her, and increased the rate for her, because she is not a professional call girl, they had become much happy because at that time they were to meet nonprofessional call girls.

Both of them went to them, they were waiting for her with unrestraint. They saw her and liked her personality, without any debut they made a payment as she asked. Both of them were thinking to enjoy with her instead of her, again they made a new plan and paid double than they paid.

 They were not taking interest in a friend of Naina because they met her many times through Delhi Call Girls, this time, they got an opportunity to meet a new fresher call girl, she was not a call girl at that time, but she played the role of Delhi Call Girls for a night since she has joined the Call Girls profession.

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