Maybe the people at EA are loath to be able to madden coins reward a player struggling as badly as Sorensen with a top score on a critical area like speed ratings, given that it's an enormous impact on the game. If this is the case that's the case, then there's no excuse for them.

Other notable outliers are Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who is the highest speed rating in all of Madden at 99. Hill certainly is quick, but maybe we're splitting hairs here however his highest career speed of 22.8 miles per minute is just fourth in the league as of 2017.3 Furthermore, his current average weekly speed which is quite impressive doesn't even crack the top 50.

The two Baltimore Ravens teammates also make the list of slightly underrated speedsters. Lamar Jackson appears to be operating more slowly this season maybe due to ongoing injury to his lower back. The speed of his maximum speed per game of 19.4 mph last season was nearly a mile faster than his speed this season. Madden isn't concerned, though. The speed score of 96 Madden gives Lamar at the end of the season is almost 11 more points over his model-based score.4

Middle linebacker Patrick Queen is a stronger case of overrating. The 2020 first-round selection's speed data is lower than what EA typically expects of players with a 90 speed score and Queen has seen a significant slowdown in his second season, averaged a maximum speed of cheap Madden nfl 22 coins only 17.1 miles per hour in the 2021 season.

Then, Keenan Allen is still underrated, though only slightly. He's probably asking for a bump in speed ratings of 2 points or so -after all, he's earned the right to do so.